A modern waiting area with black sofas, green cushions and rug, a coffee table, and large windows. Luggage cart and air conditioner are visible.

Master Your Vacation

Masters Inn Tucker Atlanta

Masters Inn puts you in control of your perfect vacation. Our rooms are smothered in southern comfort, with spacious beds, wall-to-wall amenities, and a location that can't be beat. We guarantee your days will be filled with adventure and your nights will be filled with sweet dreams.

    • A landscaped garden bed features various plants, rock decorations, and a brick retaining wall in front of a black metal fence.


    We can set aside a block of rooms to make sure all your family and friends are in town for your big day.

    • The image shows the flag of the United States of America waving on a flagpole against a clear blue sky.


    We have lots of ways for you to save when you book at Masters Inn

    • A cityscape at night showing illuminated skyscrapers and long-exposure light trails from vehicles on a multi-lane highway.


    You’ll be able to get to your destination in a matter of minutes, and come back to a clean, comfortable room at the end of the day